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Why choosing an NCT Life Automotive campervan?

Details make the difference.

All you really need to live your camping-car. As a standard. LED lights, twin battery with efficiency maintainer, battery cut-off integrated in the ignition key switch, power-windows, power-mirrors with defrosting, Thule sliding step and mosquito net on the side door, external light…

A very rich configuration.

Look, touch and experience. Our campervans are made by hand by skilled craftsman: a centimeter after the other, to ensure the highest functionality. Whit maniac attention to every single detail.

Artisanal care of details.

Don’t mind the weather. Our campervans are perfectly insulated because we don’t use regular pads but high-density polystyrene panels, creating a twin air-chamber between the body panels and the inner walls.

The best insulation.

A modern, harmonious and Italian design. The result of a collaboration among a styling studio and the best woodwork specialists. A style that amaze, at the first sight.

A unique Italian style.


We are a specialist of campervan, with unique soluitions (as the lifting overhead bed and reconfigurable sleeping-seats)


The Puro is the only campervan that has a toilet in less than 5 meters. We pay the highest attention to exploit every space to build the most efficient campervans.


A unique styling, developed by a design studio according to the latest camping-car trend. And always a very Italian flavor.


Our campervans have craftsman care in the details, but are built with an industrial approach, always to ensure the highest quality and durability.


It’s time of sleep.

Bed designed for comfortable and relaxing nights.

In the NCT Life Automotive campervans, you will have sweet dreams. Our beds are as good as the ones at your home. With just a few movements, benches convert into wide berths, comfortable and relaxing. Without needing any additional pillow. And in some versions, a comfortable twin-bed comes down from the roof.

You will have amazing sleeps, thanks also to efficient soundproofing, and you’ll wake rested… and ready to face a new day.


It’s all ok, now!

Spaces designed to stow everything

We have exploited every centimeter. This is why in our campervans you find all the space that you need. But not only that: furniture is built and tested by our woodwork department before being fitted into the van. For that, in addition to an incredible capacity, also a top strength, perfect functioning of doors and lids are ensured and, above all, this results in a higher reliability than of those directly assembled indie the camping-car.



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